Tattoo flashes are pre-drawn designs and start from $200 whereas custom tattoos start at $250. There will be a maximum of 4 revisions for custom tattoo designs and anything more will have extra incurred costs, additional rates will be discussed and applied. 

Email me at along all these information, please be as detailed as possible, so there's less miscommunication.

  • sizing 
  • placement
  • budget
  • screenshots of references and/or a mood board of what you have in mind.


Pieces ranging between $200-280: Simple line work or suggestive shading work to small, simple customs

*    *    *

Pieces ranging from $300-400: More detailed designs around 3-4 inches

*    *    *

Pieces ranging $400-680: Detailed pieces with intricate shading, around 4-8 inches

*    *    *

Pieces ranging from $680-1000+: Intricate work with lots of detail and shading, large scale (7-12+ inches) 

*    *    *


On this page you will find information related to pricing for flash and custom tattoos. I understand this can be a hard aspect of the tattoo world to navigate so I want to provide as much transparency as I can for clients looking to understand where their money is going, or those trying to anticipate what to budget for a tattoo.

It can be hard to wrap your head around why something quick or relatively small wouldn't just be $50-100, but minimum rates are in place to cover multiple things such as: time spent drawing, skill and level of knowledge, admin work, studio fees and large variety of supplies (which includes machines, needles, inks, cleaning supplies, studio supplies) and lastly, my labour during the session. 

Regarding budgets, I am typically quite flexible and try my best to adhere to what people can afford but I cannot say yes to everything. It is absolutely not personal if I cannot work within your budget, rather I've weighed out the costs and decided I wouldn't be able to give the project my all at that price point.

Additional things that impact pricing are placement: some spots are physically more awkward to reach for us, often requiring awkward angles or lots of breaks.  More difficult placement is something such as: ribs, torso, neck, hand, chest, head, face. Please email me to further discuss pricing, these are just approximate for sizing. It might be cheaper or more expensive depending on the details. 

Please be reminded that guesting spots we usually charge a bit more due to cost of travel and studio fees.

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